Dating rich gentlemen – Knowing what to expect

Wouldn’t it be nice to date a rich man who is good looking, wealthy, generous, classy, polite, fun and with a great sense of humour? One to travel with and with so much money, that any material boundary immediately disappears? Finding a sugardaddy is not a problem at all. But what is the price to pay?

Numerous online dating services all over Europe promise to match beautiful young ladies with rich mature men. And for either part, it sounds very tempting. Young women offer their youth, beauty, hunger for life and adventure as well as their bodies and in return, they get dates with older men who invite them to socially important events, holidays, restaurants and who allow them to live a life in luxury and without financial worries. Many young ladies share the dream of a prince who enables them to buy any treasure they ever dreamt of. And wealthy older gentlemen often search for non-binding relationships or romantic affairs with younger pretty women.

Nowadays, connections between sugardaddies and sugarbabes are quickly and easily established. Special websites and events make it possible. But as easy at it seems, all that glitters is not gold. Not everyone is made for a relationship where love doesn’t play a role. After a while, problems or doubts might arise with both or one of the partners.

The young sugarbabe might start to wish for something more serious. She might find, that the relationship is very superficial and that money and material wealth is not what makes her permanently happy. She might start thinking about having a baby, something an older man won’t necessarily agree on. She might want to find real love, a relationship with true and deep feelings and values.

In a relationship with an older rich man, young women should know what to expect. They will have to accept, that the man owns not only the money but also the control over it and therewith over her. He decides what to do and where to spend his money and expects certain things from her in return. She has to look the best she can, play by his rules and in most of the sugardaddy-sugarbabe relationships sex plays an essential role.

Wealthy gentlemen with sugarbabes on the other hand have to be aware that she is only after his money.

Surely, there’s a lot more to it, like not being alone, benefitting from each other’s age and view of life, and having a good friend. However, strictly speaking, no matter how much both sides benefit from each other’s advantages, in the end it all comes down to exchanging sex for money.

That is a crucial point every sugardaddy and sugarbabe should make themselves aware of. They must ask themselves the question, if they are truly willing to replace love with a kind of business relationship. Because, in the end, that’s what it is: sugarbabes and sugardaddies have a deal. They agree on a relationship with strict rules both have to stick to with no room for romantic feelings or love.

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