6 Troubling Things about Dating a Rich Guy

Every man comes with his share of drama whether he is rich or poor, black or white, tall or short. However, with so many women flocking to the arms of men who have much money, these women must know that all men who are rich are not good catches. Wealthy guys can bring all sorts of trouble into one’s life just like a poor man can.

There are some things about dating a rich man women need to take heed to. Although not all of these things apply to all men, nor does this list cover every troubling issue with the rich, it does open one’s eyes who might be naïve when it comes to dating affluent gentlemen.

One. Many rich men tend to believe buying things or giving away a lot of cash can get them out of any situation.
Buying one’s favor with authority figures has been done for centuries, because it works. If the rich man is in trouble, he has no problem paying his way out of any circumstance.

Two. Educated men expect to be treated with the highest respect because they have money.
Men who have spent many years in school and have accumulated much wealth desire to be around people who will praise them, make them feel honored, and appreciated even when they don’t pay others the same respect.

Three. They usually grow weary of supporting others with their money.
Some men aren’t bothered by requests for money, but in time they become irritated. When they have grown annoyed with helping others, they start behaving nonchalantly and have little compassion for those in need.

Four. Some rich men can be very difficult when it comes to relationships.
Without knowing what the rich man has gone through in the past when it comes to women and his money, he may not be the easiest person to get along with and just might be a bit of a trouble-maker. He might use his money to manipulate others.

Five. Affluent men can be controlling, critical and easily angered when things don’t go their way.
For some men, their relationships ended badly because of their love for finances. Rather than noticing the negative impact their behavior had on others, they become critical and angry men who have little regard for others’ feelings and needs, but their own.

Six. The wealthy prefer to be around people with much money, rather than those who don’t.
Poor people are not a rich man’s favorite type to be around. He knows that needy people take and don’t give back. He prefers to be around the like-minded because he feels like they can relate to him.

With so many poor men in the world, it isn’t any wonder why a young woman would seek after a rich man; but before she takes a leap, she must know what her future might look like dating one. Best wishes!

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