Date Older Men with High-Paying Jobs, Connections

When a young woman, with much debt, gets intimately involved with a man who has equal debt, if not more, the relationship can be quite stressful. The couple may be working long hours, rarely available for one another, and bitter because they have so many bills to pay.

But the allure of dating older, to many young women, is the expectation that a financially secure man will take care of them. The mature gentleman may have experienced a financially poor lifestyle at one time in his life, so it is assumed that he knows how to manage money now that he is older and hopefully wiser. It is also presumed that the older man will provide assistance to his young date on what to do when it comes to handling her finances. Yet, some mature men unfortunately are living paycheck-to-paycheck and don’t know much about getting themselves out of burdensome debt, let alone helping someone else. They may appear knowledgeable, look financially successful, but their shopping choices, complaints about not having enough, and desires to win a sweepstakes or lottery are good indications that these older men just don’t have their finances together.

An observant young woman will learn quickly which dates are just over broke and which are financially stable. She is going to be more likely to pick the man making more money than she in the hopes that one day he will be generous. She will also pay attention to how much money he spends and what he spends it on to help with her future decision-making when it comes to pursuing a relationship. When she has a good understanding of his financial portfolio, she will know whether he will be a blessing to her financially or a curse.

Not all older men have good paying jobs and some will look and act unhappily because of it. It would be best to avoid these miserable workers, even if their jobs have periodic perks they don’t mind bragging about, because in time, these men will bring their share of workplace challenges to the relationship and inadvertently take some of their frustrations out on their lady friends—especially if these women should make more money than them. Keep your eyes open for the man who is content with his job and the payment/bonuses he is receiving from it.

Another working man type, a young woman would want to keep away from, is the one who has a history of quitting or being fired from jobs. He may have much money now, but it doesn’t mean that his future will be bright. Notice how often he mentions the following: missing work, arriving tardy, leaving early, and disputing with his boss and fellow co-workers, it won’t be long before he will be asked to go.

The man who is a great catch is the one, who not only looks good, respects you, and has a pleasant demeanor, but he is also a hard worker and rarely brings his workplace drama to the relationship. This man usually has a good track record of staying employed and tends to manage his bills while giving generously to others. He may also have a great professional network and excellent knowledge on helping others live their dreams. His connections may benefit his date in the future if the relationship should become exclusive. These people may be helpful to the young woman who has dreams of working at a particular company, building her own business, or investing in something profitable.

When you date men who are content with their jobs and wages while having good attitudes toward you and others, you will find fewer issues related to money. Many women are dissatisfied with being in relationships with men who constantly struggle with finances and jobs, because these men have the following: poor attitudes, bad work ethics, and are bitter about their life choices. Instead of making decisions to improve themselves professionally, they will do things like: complain to others, borrow money from others without paying people back, rely on women to financially assist them, deceive people with futile money-making opportunities, and for some, steal consumers’ identities and goods. Keep your eyes open for manipulative men who pretend to have high-paying jobs when they really don’t.

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