Sugardaddy makes clear: She plays by my rules! – Part Two

Some might say this is a form of modern prostitution … How do the people around you react to your lifestyle?

Sugardaddy: If they want to call it modern prostitution, so be it. Everybody’s free to have their own opinion. I would rather call it a win-win-situation (smiling). What seems to be the problem as long as both partners agree? I think many people, mostly men from a certain age, are simply jealous. If they were honest to themselves, they would love to be able to afford a lifestyle like mine. But I hear you; it is not easy to withstand the storms that our society is blowing against me. I try to keep my sugarbabe a secret, most of all when it comes to my ex-wife and children. I don’t want my children to be ashamed of me or think different about me. I had to experience all kinds of insults, well-intentioned advices and accusations – even from some of my best friends. Reaching from “Why don’t you go out with women your own age?”, “What are you, a pimp?” and “Get over your midlife crisis” to “She only wants your money.” Only a few good male friends said they would do exactly the same if only they had the chance.

What do you say or think if you hear accusations like this?

Sugardaddy: Apart from my children, I don’t really give much about what other people say or think. As I said, some are obviously jealous and envious and some always seem to know what’s best for others. I try to keep my sugarbabe and the whole topic away from people I know won’t understand. Not because I don’t stand by how I chose to live but to avoid unnecessary inconveniences for either part.

Are you afraid that she only sees you as her generous payer and that one day she will just be up and away or replace you with another rich man?

Sugardaddy: I am well aware that her main interest is my money. That was the deal so to speak. All I can do is live for the moment and strictly limit the amounts of money I make available to her. I would never hand out my credit cards to her or give her any other access to my money. I am in control and as long as there is no financial risk I just keep on enjoying it as long as it lasts.

Does that mean you wouldn’t be sad if you saw her leave?

Sugardaddy: Of course, I would be sad. It goes without saying, that I only go out with a woman I like on a personal level, too. After all, we are also spending a lot of time away from the bedroom. It’s not all about sex, there also has to be a certain connection, otherwise I couldn’t go out for dinner or on holiday with her. There would be nothing to talk about. Anyway, I know that I am replaceable. But so is she.

Last question: Where is the love in all this?

Sugardaddy: Relationships between sugardaddies and sugarbabes are based on anything but love. I am not in love nor do I expect love from her. If love happens it happens, then I will have to see how to deal with it. But for now, I am explicitly looking for non-binding relationships without any deep feelings. All I want is a great time and sex with a beautiful lady. I make that very clear to all women I meet and whether they accept it or not is completely up to them.

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