Dating Tips for Young Women in Need of a Companion

Do you want someone who is not going to annoy you with sexual suggestions, frequent petting, or other forms of physical touch? There are men on the dating scene, who are like you, they don’t want to feel pressured about an intimate relationship too.

You simply want a companion who doesn’t mind talking to you and going places. The older your partner, the more likely he just wants a friend to sit and chat with and attend events together periodically. Yet, as much as a single woman might hope that sex is never asked of her, end time, an older gentleman may ask.

When making yourself available to date a gentleman, with no strings attached, keep in mind what you are willing to do for love and what you won’t. Emotions will eventually get in the way of what one might have thought was the perfect plan to love without the emotional ties created when having sex.

1. Don’t settle for the lonely, desperate guy even though he claims he is okay with just being friends.
The likelihood that he will want to date exclusive or possibly marry increases the more you get to know the friendless companion. So if you are absolutely against having any serious relationship at this time, pass on the guy who hasn’t been with a woman in months. He usually misses sex, not commitment, but if he thinks that talking about a relationship will keep you around, he will settle (at least temporarily until he grows weary of you being his rebound).

2. Avoid offering your home or vehicle to your online date or offline friend.
Far too many women are swept off their feet by the Sweet Talker only to find out later that they were being used and possibly abused for their wealth. The handsome stranger tells a heart-wrenching story while bad-mouthing an ex or relatives, and the gullible woman opens her heart, doors, and bank account.

3. Have more than one friend.
A man who thinks that he is the only man in your life will expect to be treated that way. However, if he knows that there are other men who you are friends with, he won’t think too much about making you his exclusive partner.

4. Keep your companion away from family gatherings if you aren’t serious about him.
Some women send mixed messages to their friends when they invite them to family events. The relatives will inquire about their companions (especially if they haven’t seen her with a man in awhile) and will suggest getting married and having children. It might not be a good idea to bring someone who you aren’t serious about around your family (at least in the being of the relationship) unless you are expecting more from this person in the future. Be sure you discuss your intentions before you invite your partner to family gatherings.

A companion is meant to be that buddy you take to the mall or someone that will escort you to a party. Friends have disputes when roles are not clearly defined. Some will act more like partners than buddies, others will act like parents. Talk about your expectations of a friend, but don’t hope for something more in your partnership that wasn’t shared from the start.

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