5 Dating Tips for Young Women Who Don’t Want to Commit

If you don’t want to be in an exclusive relationship with a mature, rich gentleman, then there are some things you simply don’t want to do while dating him.

One. Don’t fall in love too fast.
You can slow emotions by not being too affectionate and quick to have sex. Take time to get to know enough about the person in good times and bad. When one chooses to only view everything that is right with a person, lust feelings will come rushing forth disguised to look like love. Later, one will experience feelings of disappointment after realizing true love wasn’t what he felt from the start. Take the bitter with the sweet when it comes to dating and always take your time and not his.

Two. Never assume you are the only one he is dating.
Some women presume that their looks, money, charm, and whatever else they might have will hold an older man’s interest, but there must be more to her besides temporal things and cute statements.

Three. Avoid sex until you know you are ready for a committed relationship.
Some couples connect with one another emotionally quite rapidly because they have had sex. One person may have viewed the experience as nice, satisfying or enjoyable while the other is left feeling extremely infatuated and ready to put a ring on it. The emotions connected to a premature sexual encounter can be very powerful and can cause one to make foolish decisions.

Four. Keep away from his family and best friends unless you are serious about dating him exclusively.
Since most relatives and friends will assume that your date feels you are worthy to be in their presence, they will also feel that you are equally serious about him. If that is not the case, then avoid the family gatherings.

Five. Don’t offer to pay for anything until you feel comfortable enough with sharing your money with your date.
So many women and men rush to help a friend in need only to find out later that they really feel uncomfortable about one’s request for financial assistance. You might not want to assist with an expensive trip or help your date when he has a financial issue, if this is true then don’t let him pay for you, pay for yourself. Also, don’t agree to go to over-priced restaurants and other places when you know that you might have to help pay for them.

The more you do for a date, the more he will think that you are truly into him and ready to date seriously. However, if you know deep within that he is just not someone you could see yourself spending the future with, then don’t be bashful or worry over what he might think if you tell him the truth. Instead, be very concerned if you are leading an older man to believe that he is forever when he is really meant to be whenever. Time is important to older men, so don’t waste your date’s time being wishy-washy.

Everything you do will be scrupulously watched by a mature man who may really desire a relationship with you, when this happens be certain you are communicating verbally and physically that you are unwilling to commit to him exclusively. Remind him when you feel like he is moving too fast or making you feel uncomfortable.

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