A young woman confesses: I only date rich man

Men who cannot afford the things that make life worth living? “Thanks, but no thanks!”, says Angela B., 29 years old. After several failed relationships with men around her age with an average or low income, Angela made a decision that fundamentally changed her life: From now on, she would only date wealthy men.

It has been 2 years since Angela made the decision to date only rich gentlemen. She tells us, that her relationships with men of her age and with poor earnings always failed. Angela works as a PA in a medium-sized company, her monthly income pays her rent, her car, her Highstreet-chain-clothes and a few nights out with her friends. She was hardly ever able to save money or afford unexpected or nice things like spontaneous holidays or a little more expensive dresses. The partners she fell in love with always lived in similar circumstances, which means her financial situation improved a little but not considerably.

Apart from feeling financially limited, she found that men around her age are often still struggling with big life decisions. She came to the conclusion, that an older man would be a more suitable match for her. More than anything, older men have achieved all they wanted to achieve in their lives and focus mainly on the sunny and profitable side of life, she thought. If only she could find an older man with money that would not only solve all her problems at once, but would also enable her to live the life she always dreamt of. From a very young age, she was sure that she won’t want to be a mother, that she always wanted to be free to enjoy her life and fulfil her dreams without responsibility for another human being.

Angela wanted it all: designer clothes, luxury spa treatments, long haul holidays on dreamlike beaches, gourmet dinners and chats with the richest and most important people of society. But more than anything, she wanted to be taken seriously for who she was, she wanted to feel taken care of, and emotionally and socially safe. She was convinced that an older man with money could give her all that – and much more.

The beautiful young woman went on the Internet to register with several different websites specialised in dating rich man. It only took a few weeks and she had her first date with an older man. And then another, and another and so on. They took her out for dinner in the most expensive restaurants, they drove her around in their fancy cars, sometimes even with driver, they bought her presents and charmed her with the most flattering compliments. After a little while, she found her perfect sugardaddy. He is 61 years old, incredibly rich and handsome, and he treats her like a princess.

Angela kept her flat and her job and only dates her sugardaddy two nights a week and on weekends. Twice a year they go on holiday together. She finally can afford everything she ever wanted and will never regret her decision.

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